Date night

Feb 11
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When you’ve been dating for a while, you tend to get stuck in a place where you consider going to Pick n Pay together as “time spent together”. This especially tends to happen when you live together. Where you used to get dressed up to go out for a drink or a meal, you now walk around the house in your most comfortable sweatpants and just quickly throw on a clean top when you go out somewhere. So you resort to scheduling “date night”, which is theoretically supposed to be when the two of you spend quality time together and recreate the dates you went on when you were still young and in love.

But even these date nights have some challenges. Where do you go? how do you plan a night in without letting it become a regular night at home? Does it count as a date night if you rent movies and barely speak a word to each other? Should you make dinner, go out to eat or get takeaways? Should you still dress up or do they prefer you not to? Whatever you do, make sure that it’s a time that both of you relax and enjoy, because the main goal of the night after all is for the two of you to relax together and focus your energy on each other.