Energy drinks

Feb 11
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Although the market used to be ruled, and for the most part still is, by Red Bull, we have recently seen an influx in new competitors wanting to remove them from the top spot. Rock Star, Ed Hardy, 911, Monster and even Bioplushave entered the market. All of these energy drinks claim to revitalise and refresh you while giving you more energy to get through the day. The thing is, many people do not realise how these energy drinks really affect your body and your heart, and some of them even carry a warning that you should not be drinking more than two of these a day for a continued period.

Especially mixing spirits and energy drinks has a real detrimental effect on your health, so be sparing with the vodka Red Bulls. Energy drinks are great for people who have had a late night, or need to work late, or are at a sporting event, but be sure not to rely on them too often. Rather get your energy the natural way, from your food and from healthy drinks.