Fighting rhino poaching

Feb 1
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At the start of December, a fundraising campaign aimed at putting rhino poachers in jail was
launched by the Florida-based International Rhino Federation. Funds raised would be used to
help teach those working at South Africa’s national parks on how to safeguard evidence at crime
scenes, and more. More rhinos were poached in South Africa in the first 10 months of 2011 than
in the entire 2010. More than 350 rhinos have been poached this year. The International Rhino
Federation’s fund raising will assist parks in both South Africa and Zimbabwe, who has also seen
an increase in poaching figures. The funds from the International Rhino Federation is welcomed
by the South African arm of the World Wildlife Fund, who has been involved in a related project
that includes the training of prosecutors and judges in environmental cases. South Africa has a
notoriously poor conviction record for rhino crime. The fund was kicked off by an anonymous
donation of $25000.